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Book Party for Everyday Globalization

Book Party!

Friends and colleagues are invited to a
reception for my new book, Everyday Globalization, as part of the
end-of-year celebration of SabCat Books, James 3311, on Tuesday, May 24,

Invite your students to stop by and browse the free books. We’ll be
raffling a copy of my new book as well as copies of my recent books
(co-edited with Evrick Brown) on walking in cities. There will be

SABCAT Bookstore:
The Story

Founded in January 2013, SabCat Bookstore sabotages the idea that books must be sold to
be on your bookshelf. Free books make happy readers! Over 525 books have found new homes thanks to you.

a resident of Brooklyn, is a 20 pound descendant of the original
Sab-o-Tabby of
the IWW – a black cat – a symbol of resistance connected to the “sabot”
or wooden shoe used by Luddites to beat down the machines that
threatened their jobs at the dawn of industrialization. Now, SabCat is a
symbol for all forms of worker resistance to speed-ups,
shake-downs, and run-arounds.

Your free books hail from many sources – SabCat’s own shelves to the gifts of faculty,
students as well as anonymous donors from stoops around Brooklyn.

do not have to give a book to take a book. Take as many as you wish or
simply browse
SabCat’s selection. The top drawer on the left hand side of the display
table has bags and bookmarks, including SabCat’s custom “Free Book”

SabCat Bookstore features books of all shapes and sizes, fiction and nonfiction, non-academic
and academic texts. SabCat’s goal is always an empty shelf (even as he prowls around looking for new books!).

Hours are irregular but you are always welcome!

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