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Seeing Cities Change: Local Culture and Class now in Paperback!

Seeing Cities Change: Local Culture and Class (2012) is now a reasonably priced paperback and even more reasonably priced e-book. The book has been well reviewed and even recommended as textbook for urban sociology classes by Contemporary Sociology.

‘Although the particularities of each ethnic type and landscape are discussed, the structural inter-connections that mark the immigrant experience across temporal, socio-spatial, and, most interestingly, international contexts are also identified and impressively interwoven into the analysis. In each of these cases, while drawing off an incredible wealth of original research and existing literature, the role of space is isolated as a central analytic object for the purpose of illustrating the strengths (as well as limitations) that visual approaches can bring to the field of urban studies in particular and the social sciences in general, the book will be of interest not only to cultural geographers but human geographers in general (the urban focus will also be of particular interest to urban geographers). It is also recommended to anyone interested in critical social theory, race and ethnicity, and immigration studies. In the end, the case for the visual is convincing, and makes the reader ponder why visual methods have yet to be taken seriously in the social sciences.’ Journal of Cultural Geography

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